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Migrating EagleMail Contacts to a Google Apps Account

You can export your EagleMail contacts from EagleMail and import them into Google Apps. Follow these directions to migrate contacts from EagleMail to Google Apps:

                         Export Contacts from EagleMail  | Import Contacts into Google Apps

Export Contacts from EagleMail 
Follow these directions to export contacts from EagleMail:

  1. From the EagleMail Preferences tab, click the Import/Export tab.
    Export EagleMail Contacts
  2. The Import/Export page is displayed. From the Export section, click to select the Contacts button.
  3. Click the All Folders button.
    Export EagleMail Contacts
  4. The Choose Folder window is displayed. Click the address book labeled Contacts.
  5. Click the OK button.
    Export EagleMail Contacts
  6. Click the Contacts pull-down arrow and select Account Contacts from the list.
    Export EagleMail Contacts
  7. Click the Export button.
    Note: You may be prompted to open, save, or cancel the current operation. If prompted, we recommend saving the .csv (export) file to your desktop. Additionally, it may take an extended period of time to download the file to the location you specified.
    Export EagleMail Contacts
    Note: Repeat these steps to export any other desired EagleMail briefcase folders. When you are finished, you can proceed with importing this file to your Google Apps account.

Import Contacts into Google Apps
Follow these directions to import EagleMail contacts into Google Apps:

  1. Once you are logged in to Google Apps, click the Contacts link.
    Migrate contacts
  2. The Google Contacts page is displayed. Select Import Contacts... from the menu.

    Migrate contacts
  3. The Import Contacts window is displayed. Click the Choose File button.

    Migrate contacts
  4. The Open window is displayed. Locate the exported (e.g., Contacts.csv) file and click the Open button.
    Migrate contacts
  5. The Import Contacts page is displayed. Verify the selected file name is displayed in the File Name field.
  6. Click the Import button.
    Note: The import process could take an extended period of time depending on the size of the file being imported.

    Migrate contacts
    Note: Repeat these steps to import any other desired EagleMail contacts.