Eastern Michigan University

EagleMail to Google Apps Migration and Integration Limitations

  • There are limitations associated with migrating data from EagleMail to Google Apps
    • Google Apps enforces an account quota of 30GB and a maximum individual message size of 20MB
    • EagleMail mail folder hierarchies should not exceed a depth of more than 5 levels
    • EagleMail mail folders are imported to Google Apps as labels (similar to EagleMail Tags)
    • You are responsible for migrating your EagleMail calendar, contacts, and briefcase content to your Google Apps account
    • EagleMail tasks, filters, preferences, Zimlets, tags, and flags cannot be migrated to Google Apps
  • There is limited calendar integration between EagleMail and Google Apps
    • You can only view shared calendars (i.e., you can't add or modify shared calendar appointments, meetings, or events)
    • You cannot view free/busy calendars when scheduling meetings
    • Shared calendars must be refreshed to display new appointments, meetings, or events
    • Meeting organizers will not receive attendee responses to meeting invitations
  • Child accounts (i.e. departmental accounts) are not accessible via your Google Apps account