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JIRA Overview

JIRA is primarily used for reporting problems identified during software upgrade testing. These problems or issues are organized by project and software version. For example, the most current testing involves the Banner 8 upgrade. In this case, the project is Banner Upgrades, the version is 8.0, and an example issue might be "Banner 8 hangs when attempting to log in via INB".

This site presents the tools and techniques necessary to search for, review existing, and create new issues in JIRA. Using instructional web pages, learners will have the opportunity to see how to log in and navigate the interface. In addition, they will see how to create and edit search filters. They will also see how to create and edit issues.


There is no prerequisite.

Target Audience

Any back office employees tasked with testing software upgrades.

Topics Covered

Privacy Notice: If you are an Eastern Michigan University employee, you may be provided access to financial, personnel, student, and donor data necessary to perform your job. This information is never to be used for personal use or shared with anyone whose official job duties do not require use of that data. Refer to I.T. Security Policies for updated information on the University's current security policies.
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