Eastern Michigan University

EMU Phone Directory

From your VoIP phone you can dial a number in the EMU Phone Directory. From your computer you can also dial a number to ring on your VoIP phone. To look up and dial an individual listed in the EMU Phone Directory from Call Manager (CM), follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to CM (login instructions can be accessed from Log in to CM located in the navigation menu on the right).
    Note: If you have more than one phone, you will need to specify which phone you want to use to place the call (instructions can also be accessed from Log in to CM located in the navigation menu on the right).
  2. Select Directory from the User Options menu.Directory link image
  3. To list all individuals in the Directory, click the Find button without using the other fields.
  4. To change the number of individuals listed per page, click the Rows per Page drop-down arrow and select a number.Find persons and number of rows
  5. To search for a specific individual, use the drop-down filter menus.
  6. Enter information in the text field according to the filters selected.
    Note: The system will not search for names that have apostrophes. Try different search filters to find an individual's name.
  7. Click the Find button.Search for person
  8. Click on the LDAP Ext number of the person you want to contact.
  9. Click the Dial button.LDAP link
  10. If you dialed a number in error, click the Hang up button.Hang up button
Note: Your call will ring on your VoIP phone in speaker mode. If you prefer privacy, pick up the handset to talk.

EMU Phone Directory dial option located on your phone

To access the EMU Phone Directory on your Cisco VoIP phone and dial a contact, follow the instruction below:

  1. Press the Directories button.
  2. Scroll to Corporate Directory (linked to EMU's Phone Directory).
  3. Press the Select softkey.
  4. Use the keypad to enter all (or part) of the first or last name.
  5. Press the Search softkey.
  6. Scroll to the contact if there are more than one listed.
  7. Press the Dial softkey.