Experience Eastern in a whole new way through iTunes U

Where can you go to learn from some of the world's leading thinkers; gain insights into music, art, culture, and life; take a walk through an array of course materials in virtually any field of study; choose from hundreds of multimedia podcasts that are constantly being refreshed—all at your own convenience, and all free of charge?

The answer is iTunes U. Eastern Michigan University launched its participation in Apple's iTunes U service on February 24, 2009. The initial launch includes public lectures, entertainment, and informational broadcasts in podcast format. Over time, EMU professors will be able to share the content of their courses with the world via EMU on iTunes U.

What does it cost?

iTunes U is completely free, and works via iTunes software on any Macintosh or Windows computer. You can download the podcasts to your iPod, MP3 player or similar device for mobile listening/viewing. However, you do not have to have a mobile device; the podcasts will also play on your computer.

How can I use it?

You can download a podcast series at any time. Just "Subscribe" to the podcast and it will download to the "Podcast" section of your iTunes library. Each time you login to iTunes, your computer will populate the podcast with new episode titles for you to download to the series. Then you can sync your mobile device to take the content with you, or listen/watch on your computer.

When you download a single video file (sometimes called a vodcast or vidcast), it will be stored under the "Movies" section of your iTunes library, and a single audio episode will be stored under the "Music" section. If you "Subscribe" to an iTunes U podcast series, it will be stored under "iTunes U."

How do I access it?

  1. After you have installed the iTunes software on your computer, open the iTunes application and select "iTunes U" from the list of links located along the top of the site (look toward the upper right).
  2. Select "Universities and Colleges" from the links under "ITUNES U QUICK LINKS" on the upper left.
  3. You will find Eastern Michigan University under the "E" listings.

How can I contribute content to EMU on iTunes U?

For those who would like to contribute content to iTunes U, please review our Public Content Policy and the Starter Kit provided on this site.

Where can I learn more?

View an introductory video describing how to access iTunes U on your iPhone or iPod Touch here:
(You will need a high-speed internet connection and the free QuickTime player to view this video. Download QuickTime here - select the Free Player.)

Download the iTunes software for Mac or PC here:

For complete information on iTunes U, review the links on this web site. General or support questions may be directed here.