Public Content Policy (for content contributors)

To ensure that the public area of EMU on iTunes U is consistent with the University’s educational mission, the following policy will be used to process requests to post public content. This policy does not cover individual faculty course content on iTunes U or content restricted to subgroups of the University community. This policy applies to content that would be publicly available on iTunes U.

Content must meet at least three of the following five categories in order to be considered:

  1. The material has clear, public educational value.
  2. The subject is of broad interest to a variety of public audiences.
  3. The material is in keeping with EMU’s mission.
  4. The content reflects positively on the University and its relationship with the surrounding community.
  5. The material is current and timely.

Material also must be of suitable technical quality for public distribution. This means the audio quality is audible and discernible to the casual listener, and any video content is easily visible with clear contrast and adequate lighting.

If there is any question about the suitability of content for EMU on iTunes U, a small group (primarily members from the implementation team) comprising two faculty representatives, a member of the marketing and communications department, and a student, will review the content and notify the author/creator of whether the content will be posted to the iTunes U site.

All content contributed must clearly indicate authorship and ownership, and must comply with all EMU policies. Content contributors must sign and return the “EMU on iTunes U Release Form/License Agreement.”