Starter Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMU on iTunes U?

EMU contracted with Apple Inc. to participate in iTunes U, which became publicly available during winter 2008-2009. EMU on iTunes U provides access to a wide range of free, EMU-created digital audio and video content via Apple’s iTunes store. Examples of content include audio of lectures; audio and video of lectures given by visiting researchers, scholars, and artists; department, college and program promotional resources, and other innovative or academically valuable content.

Where is the audio and video stored?

  • Content contributed TO iTunes U: The audio and video posted for EMU on iTunes U is stored on servers at Apple Inc. Apple uses appropriate practices for storing, backing up and securing content. However, individuals and departments that contribute content to EMU on iTunes U are responsible for retaining copies of their audio and video podcasts (and any original footage or files they wish to retain).
  • Content downloaded FROM iTunes U: The audio and video content that you download from iTunes U is stored on your computer's hard drive and is available within the iTunes software (and on your MP3 device, after you sync the device). If you "Subscribe" to a podcast series, it will be stored under the "Podcasts" section of your iTunes library. If you download a single video file, it will be stored under "Movies," and a single audio file will be stored under "Music."

What do I need to do to record a podcast for EMU on iTunes U?

Start with an audio or video recording in any standard format.

You can create audio recordings at little to no cost. You may purchase an inexpensive digital recorder at area retail stores or over the Web. Once the audio is recorded, it needs to be saved as an MP3 audio file. If your audio needs editing, we recommend Audacity, a free software package that works on Windows and Mac computers (

Video is more involved and requires more time to prepare as a podcast. Recorded video should be of good quality so that students and other viewers are not distracted by such things as poor lighting or poor sound levels.

What do I need to do in order to listen to or view podcasts?

You need a computer with an Internet connection and Apple’s free iTunes software. iTunes runs on both Windows and Macs and can be downloaded from Apple’s Web site ( You do not need to purchase anything to use iTunes. You do not even need an iPod or MP3 player; you can play the audio and video on your computer.

How do I get to EMU on iTunes U?

  1. After you have installed the iTunes software on your computer, open the iTunes application and select "iTunes U" from the list of links located along the top of the site (look toward the upper right).
  2. Select "Universities and Colleges" from the links under "ITUNES U QUICK LINKS" on the upper left.
  3. You will find Eastern Michigan University under the "E" listings.

Is there any cost to listen to or download tracks from EMU on iTunes U?

No. All EMU on iTunes U content is free. However, be sure to respect copyright and the content creator’s intellectual property rights. Sync your computer or audio device as usual, and any EMU on iTunes U tracks that you have downloaded or subscribed to will transfer. Please note that EMU on iTunes U does contain commercial content.