Starter Kit: Resources for content contributors

The initial launch of EMU on iTunes U will be a pilot project including public content only, optimized and posted by members of the implementation team. The implementation team's next steps are to migrate content from the old e-podcast system to EMU on iTunes U.

The information below is primarily for faculty and staff who have already been working with the implementation team during the pilot phase. Additional content contributors will be added and trained during summer and fall 2009.

Getting started

  • First, please review the Public Content Policy to determine whether your proposed content meets the requirements.
  • Please also read the Starter Kit, which contains useful information and may answer your questions.

Obtaining release forms

Obtaining recording equipment

EMU cannot provide recording devices to individual users; however, we can provide recommendations for you to purchase equipment that meets your needs. We may also know of someone in your area with whom you could share equipment on a periodic basis. Please contact Diane Lawrence, 734.487.3995 or