Starter Kit

Note: The information in this section of the web site is designed for people contributing content to EMU on iTunes U. The initial phase of EMU on iTunesU will contain public content from existing contributors only. For information about downloading or using content from EMU on iTunes U, please visit this page.

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Welcome to EMU on iTunes University. iTunes University (or iTunes U) is a one-of-a-kind, free service developed by Apple Computer. Many of the nation’s top universities, as well as museums and public media, have a presence on iTunes U through which they offer educational and entertainment podcasts. These audio and video podcasts may be made available publicly or to specified groups of users, who may download them individually or automatically by subscription.

EMU on iTunes U brings EMU-developed content to the public and the EMU community in a convenient, on-demand format. Content can range from course materials and lectures to entertainment and news. EMU on iTunes U is an accessible, customizable, recognizable, free forum for EMU to showcase its talent, in the company of the nation’s educational giants.

EMU faculty and staff, and students who have a faculty sponsor are eligible to submit an unlimited number of creative, high-quality podcasts, including lectures, projects, and other audio or video segments. Access to podcasts can be public or, at the discretion of a faculty member, may be restricted to students in a particular course. Content is hosted on the EMU on iTunes U server and is developed and owned by the faculty member, student, or University employee who created the content.

This Starter Kit Includes:

Where Do I Start?

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