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Policies, Procedures & Expectations for Students in KTD

Eastern Michigan University wishes to support students in the Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program in their academic career. As part of this commitment, there are guidelines that students should understand and accept. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action or termination from the Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program.

Participation in Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program is a privilege. Eastern Michigan University will support you to the best of our ability with financial aid, child care expenses, academic support, and counseling services, but you as the student will be responsible for your education and the care of your child. The program is for single parents with one child. If you become pregnant while a participant in the program, you will be removed from the Keys to Degrees program at the end of the current semester, but you will remain enrolled at Eastern Michigan University as long as you are in good academic standing. You are invited to continue studying at EMU thereafter, at your own expense.

Community Living

It is expected that the single parents will support each other as a community, providing emotional support and occasional child care for each other. A babysitting cooperative will be organized during the academic year. All Keys to Degrees students are encouraged to participate in this cooperative by assisting each other with child care when the children are not attending day care (that is, evenings and weekends).

Guests are allowed in the Keys to Degrees apartments. However, the host is responsible for the behavior of his or her guests at all times. Overnight guests are not allowed for more than three consecutive days without prior written request and approval from the program director.

Financial Support

Financial aid is provided by EMU and, depending upon need and eligibility, from federal, state and private sources. It is expected that all students in the Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program will complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available January 1st. The Financial Aid Office will send an Award Letter to the student for his or her acceptance. It is expected that the student will respond to the offer in a timely manner. In addition to the aid offered, students may be expected to pay a portion of the costs on their own. The Financial Aid staff will be happy to assist Keys to Degrees students in discussing options to assist with their contributions.

Day Care Expenses

Students eligible to receive child care assistance from government-funded programs that contribute directly to child care expenses must notify the program director. All students are expected to apply for governmental assistance and wait list, if necessary, for any applicable services through the Department of Human Services. Eastern Michigan University strives to minimize day care cost for the families of Keys to Degrees participants while their child is attending the EMU Children’s Institute. To that end, we will assist with financial aid packages.

Day care is intended to provide care for the child so that the single parent may complete his or her academic career.

If a child is taken out of day care for more than one week without written approval, the parent will be responsible for the full cost of day care for that period. The student must give the program director, as well as the EMU Children’s Institute, sufficient notice (as required by the day care facility) if he or she plans to remove a child from day care because the parent has graduated, or is leaving the program. If sufficient notice is not given, the parent will be responsible for the full amount of any additional payments due to the day care facility.

Academic Expectations

Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program is a three-year program, and as such, EMU will make a financial commitment for that period of time. Should more than three years be required to graduate due to major selection, change of major, insufficient academic progress, or an extenuating circumstance, evaluation by the Keys to Degrees staff will be required to determine eligibility for ongoing housing and childcare expenses.

This is a full-time, full-year program. It is expected that students will maintain full-time student status during all academic periods, which include Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms.

Participation in academic support sessions is mandatory during the first semester of a Keys to Degrees student's first year at Eastern Michigan University. Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher after the first semester may reduce support sessions. Students with a GPA of 2.5-2.9 will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students with a GPA below 2.5 will be required to continue their support sessions.

The Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program is for undergraduate education only. Eastern Michigan University will not provide graduate housing for single parents with a child. You are encouraged to pursue graduate studies at EMU after you complete your baccalaureate degree, but you will need to do so as a regular student.

Other Commitments

Eastern Michigan University is committed to your success, but you must be an active participant in the process. In this regard, we require that you participate in the following programs and activities:

  • Group support meetings
  • Community service
  • Keys to Degrees retreats
  • Keys to Degrees fund-raising initiatives
  • Other special programs and events when requested in support of the Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program

The attendance rate for events and activities will be reviewed at the end of each semester for every Keys to Degrees student. Failure to maintain regular participation may result in dismissal from the Keys to Degrees Single Parent Program. Violating university policies and/or student code of conduct may also result in dismissal from the program.

To assist students in understanding the policies and procedures for the Keys to Degrees Program, please refer to the official Keys to Degrees Policies and Procedures Agreement.

If you have any questions about the policies and procedures associated with Keys to Degrees, please contact us.

Keys to Degrees is part of Academic Success Partnerships, 301 Pierce Hall, 734.487.8041fb