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Be a KTD Mentor

Today, more men and women than ever before are enriching the lives of young adults by serving as mentors. There is an exciting national movement taking place that encourages and favors mentoring as a way to build meaningful friendships and at the same time, serve as positive adult role models in young people’s lives.

Being a single parent AND a college student is not easy. You might remember the pressures you faced and how hard it was to make good choices. Without positive role models in their lives, young adults can easily lose sight of their dreams and goals. By becoming a mentor, you are providing a young parent with the guidance he/she needs to make the right decisions for finding both happiness and success. You are making sure that your mentee always has someone to come to when they seek companionship, when they have questions, when direction is needed or when they experience troubles. You have an opportunity to provide a good example to a young parent who needs guidance with important life lessons and to teach a young parent the value of respect, truthfulness and responsibility. This will be passed along to their children. Most significantly, you have a chance to share your love and concern with a young parent, and that is a tremendous way to give of yourself to another person.

Your gift of mentoring is simply invaluable. The experiences the two of you share, and the lessons you pass on will stay with this young person for life, and hopefully provide him/her with the inspiration needed to achieve future goals.

All of us remember a person in our lives who changed us forever. Be yourself…and congratulations on your decision to be that special person for someone else!

Application and Screening Process
  • Written application
  • Personal interview
  • Provide one reference (family, personal, employment, etc.)

Interested in becoming a Keys to Degrees mentor? Contact our office

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