Eastern Michigan University

About the Office of Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Office at Eastern Michigan University provides legal counsel and representation to EMU on the broad range of legal matters affecting the University.  The attorneys and support staff serve the University's Board of Regents, President, Administrators, faculty and staff in their official capacities to accomplish their institutional objectives.

If you believe that you have observed unethical, illegal or suspicious behavior, speak up through the Anonymous Ethics and Compliance Reporting site. 

This office is not authorized to provide personal advice to University employees or students.  Some local resources available to students and employees seeking legal consultations, forms, etc., include:

Student Legal Services (enrolled students only) - 734.487.0846 or visit their website at Student Legal Services for more information.

Washtenaw County/EMU Legal Resource Center - 734.994.0160

State Bar of Michigan Lawyer Referral Service - 800.968.0738 or visit their website at Lawyer Referral Service for more information. 

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