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Saturday June 24, 2017

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LibQual+ Survey Questions

LibQUAL logoThe survey has 25 core questions aimed at measuring users’ opinions of library service quality and identifying gaps in their expectations versus their perceptions. Participants were asked to rate the following statements on a scale of 1-9 (with 1 being the lowest and 9 the highest), indicating for each:

  • Minimum—the number that represents the minimum level of service that you would find acceptable
  • Desired—the number that represents the level of service that you personally want
  • Perceived—the number that represents the level of service that you believe our library currently provides

Access to Information Dimension

Question #

3 Print and/or electronic journal collections I require for my work

8 Convenient service hours

14 The printed library materials I need for my work

18 The electronic information resources I need

22 Timely document delivery/interlibrary loan

Affect of Service Dimension

1 Employees who instill confidence in users

4 Readiness to respond to users’ questions

7 Willingness to help users

10 Dependability in handling users’ service problems

12 Giving users individual attention

15 Employees who have the knowledge to answer user questions

17 Employees who are consistently courteous

20 Employees who deal with users in a caring fashion

23 Employees who understand the needs of their users

Library as Place Dimension

5 Quiet space for individual activities

9 A comfortable and inviting location

13 Library space that inspires study and learning

19 Community space for group learning and group study

24 A gateway for study, learning, or research

Personal Control Dimension

2 Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own

6 Convenient access to library collections

11 A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own

16 Modern equipment that lets me easily access needed information

21 Making information easily accessible for independent use

25 Making electronic resources accessible from my home or office

General Satisfaction Questions (respondents were asked to rate their levels of satisfaction on a scale from 1-9.

  • In general, I am satisfied with the way in which I am treated at the library .
  • In general, I am satisfied with library support for my learning, research, and/or teaching needs.
  • How would you rate the overall quality of the service provided by the library?

Information Literacy Outcomes Questions

(respondents were asked to rate their levels of satisfaction on a scale from 1-9 with 1 being “strongly disagree” and 9 representing “strongly agree.”

  • The library helps me stay abreast of developments in my field(s) of interest.
  • The library aids my advancement in my academic discipline.
  • The library enables me to be more efficient in my academic pursuits.
  • The library helps me distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy information.
  • The library provides me with the information skills I need in my work or study.