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Tuesday July 22, 2014

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Wall Street Journal via Factiva
Read today’s Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.
Subjects: Business, News, Politics
Info type: newspaper articles
Access Tips: Use News Pages tab. Up to 6 users at a time. If you don’t get in, try again later. You can also use ABI/INFORM to search the WSJ.

Subjects: advertising, IMC, marketing
Info Type: articles, case studies, reports, How-To guides, company profiles, advertising statistics.

Web of Science
Search for articles in Science & Social Science & Arts/Humanities journals and see which articles cite an article
Subjects: Many subjects, especially Sciences and Social Sciences
Info type: scholarly articles, conference papers
Search Instruction: Web of Science Quick Tour - Video
Cited Reference Searching

Westlaw Campus Research
Perform legal research and/or search for news articles
Subjects: U.S. Law, State Law, European Union Law, News
Info type: court cases, laws, regulations, law review articles, legal encyclopedias, legal guides, law dictionary, news articles
Access Tips: Use Law tab to access legal research materials
NOTE: Many functions of Westlaw will only function properly if you disable any pop-up blocker. For example, printing may not work if a pop-up blocker is active.

Wiley Online Library
Journals from the publishers Wiley and Blackwell
Subjects: Most subject areas, especially in Sciences, Medicine, and Social Sciences
Info type: scholarly journals
Access Tips: Only some of the journals are owned by EMU. Before purchasing articles: check Journals by Title, consider interlibrary loan, and/or consult with a librarian.

Wilson Select Plus [now called OmniFile Full Text Select]
Find articles on a wide range of subjects
Subjects: Covers most subjects
Info type: scholarly articles, professional articles, magazine articles

World Almanacs
Subscription not renewed by MeL (Michigan eLibrary)

WorldCat - via FirstSearch
Search for materials in libraries worldwide
Info type: book info, library holdings
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

Search for materials in libraries worldwide. Also tools for creating lists & bibliographies.
Info type: book info, library holdings
Access Tips: Also free on the web at http://www.worldcat.org