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Monday June 26, 2017

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Finding Books using Esearch

You are able to search the library's collection of books, articles, e-books, etc., using Esearch, which is found on the "Articles & More" tab. By default, the "Articles & More" tab should be active when you navigate to the library's homepage. If not, simply click it to begin your search.

Articles & More tab on the library homepage

Type your search terms, or keywords, into the search box and click the "Search" button. If you need assistance in developing keywords, please see the Research 101 tutorial or consult a librarian.

Keyword search using the Articles & More tab

The results page is composed of two main sections—a shaded area with options to limit your search and the actual results. To limit to books, go to the "Content Type" limiter in the shaded area on the left of the screen and select the box next to the "Book" limiter. The page will refresh and display the books found in the library's collection.

Limiting to books via the Content Type menu

If you wish to refine your search further, use the various other limiters on the left. A checkmark indicates that a limiter is selected. If you don't see the desired option or would like to exclude certain terms, be sure to click the "More Options" link found under each heading, which will open a pop-up window allowing further refinements.

Limiting using the more options link

To limit by "Publication Date," you can either use the slider graphic to set an appropriate range, or input specific dates in the boxes below. When finished, click "Update" and wait for the results to refresh.

Limiting by publication date in Esearch

By default, results are sorted according to relevance. If you would like to change the sort order, use the drop-down menu in the shaded region.

Changing the sort order in Esearch

Hovering over a title will open a pop-up, which includes more detailed information about the item.

Hovering over a title to bring up detailed record

The "availability" heading will list whether the item is available or checked-out, as well as its call number and location.

NOTE: If a book's record gives the location "ARC storage," you must place a request to have the item retrieved. To do this, click the title, which will transport you to the item's detailed record in the library catalog. From here, you will be able to request it. For more information, see the Requesting Items from Storage tutorial.

Availability heading in Esearch result record

Click the title to locate the book in the EMU Library's holdings.