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Finding Known Articles using the "Journals by Title" Tab

If you have citation information for a particular article and would like to find it in the EMU Library, you can use the "Journals by Title" tab. Click it to begin.

Journals by Title tab on the library homepage

Look at your citation and find the title of the journal (for information on reading citations in various styles, please see the library's Citing Sources page). Enter this title into the search box. Notice that the dropdown menu gives a number of options for searching by title. If the title is exactly as you've typed it, select the "Title is" option; otherwise, use either the "Title begins with" or "title contains" options. When you have finished, hit enter.

Searching for a journal title from the Journals by title tab

You should be transported to a results page that contains an entry for the journal title you've searched. Here, you will find important information about this journal, including the sources for accessing full-text. Compare the dates listed next to each option with your article's publication date to determine if you can access its full-text through the source. (Note that no publication dates are listed for the "EMU Library Catalog" option—if this is the only option presented, please proceed to the EMU Library Catalog heading below). Click on the appropriate option to be transported to the journal's homepage.

Results screen-FindText+

In some instances, you will be taken to a page where you can search by year, volume, and issue immediately.

Journal page with all volumes displayed.

In other cases, you will be taken to a page that contains the most recent issues and must look for a link to "all issues," "archive," etc.

Journal page with current issues displayed, older issues accessed through link

Look at your citation and note the year, volume number, and issue in which the article appears. Navigate to your article by selecting the appropriate year and/or volume...

Note the article's publication date and select the appropriate year from the options.

then issue number...

Click the appropriate issue number

and finally, by the title of your article.

Click your article's title.

Congratulations, you have found your article! (Note that on many of the pages, you will have to look for a link that will supply the PDF or HTML full-text of the article.)

Article full-text retrieved via Citation Linker

Having problems? Contact a librarian or see the Using FindText+ tutorial for additional information

EMU Library Catalog

If you were transported to a results page listing the "EMU Library Catalog" as the only full-text option, it generally means that the text of the article is NOT available online but may be in the building in either print or microformat. Click on the "EMU Library Catalog" link to be transported to the catalog entry for your journal.

FindText+ results screen with EMU Library Catalog as only full-text option

Scroll down to the "Holdings Information" heading. Here, you will find information regarding the dates/volumes that the library has in its holdings.

Detailed catalog entry for journal--Holdings Information heading

Clicking a location link will take you to a library map that allows you to locate where you can find your journal.

Location link from the detailed catalog entry Library map showing location of resources

If the EMU Library does not have your desired item, you may still request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Having problems? Contact a librarian or see the Using FindText+ tutorial for additional information