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1). Richard Wright, Black Boy

written by : heather.neff@emich.edu     on 11-16-2006

Madison Davis-Lacy's documentary film approaches the life and work of Richard Wright in the perspective of the political culture of the period. Offering rare footage of African American sharecroppers at the time of the Great Depression, Chicago's Socialist Movement and even Paris in the post-war period, the film serves as a means of understanding not only Wright, but the singular pressures faced by a Black writer of his generation.

Davis-Lacy's documentary offers the viewer something more: a sense of Wright's personal struggles to remain true to his people, even when living in exile from the United States. Once hailed as possessing a revelatory voice about the African American experience, Wright suffered from a loss of connection when his career -- and the threats of HUAC -- sent him to a new life in Paris. The film chronicles in heartbreaking detail the last years of Wright's life, which are partially described by his own daughter.

"Richard Wright / Black Boy" is a pleasure to watch and is a wonderful addition to the Thomas A. Fleming Collection.

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