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For Instructors

This tutorial may be used in a number of ways:

  • As an independent assignment outside of scheduled class time in preparation for a research project or a library workshop
  • As a basis for a class discussion
  • As a context for designing research assignments
  • As a tool for capturing the stages of your students' research process.

The worksheets linked to the left navigation menu of units 3-6 can be used in a number of ways:

  • Students can use them to explore their own topics, making notes and recording other information about their search strategy. Providing this information can increase the quality of their interactions with library staff and help you track their selection and use of information sources.
  • Students can mail the worksheets to an instructor, to themselves, to a librarian, to a project team, or to all of these, to support collaborative learning activities.
  • Students can use the worksheets to build a project portfolio in which they turn in their final project (research paper, bibliography, presentation, etc.) and also some evidence of the process by which they acquired and analyzed the sources that went into its development. This approach discourages plagiarism by encouraging the systematic development of ideas and their communication.
  • The worksheets can also be downloaded in either Adobe (.pdf) or MS Word (.doc) format from the links to the right. The Word files can be easily modified to reflect your objectives.

Contact an EMU Librarian for consultation on other effective uses for the tutorial.

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