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Friday July 21, 2017

Library Hours: 7:30am to 5:00pm

Eastern Michigan University Library

How to Use Interlibrary Loan

Before Using ILL

Place a Request

  • Log in to ILLiad, the Interlibrary Loan system
  • If you have not used ILLiad before, you will be asked to register
  • Select the type of request for the material you need
  • Complete the online form and submit
  • Your request is subject to copyright restrictions
  • For large numbers of requests, contact Joe Badics, Acquisitions Librarian, at joseph.badics@emich.edu or library_ill@emich.edu.


  • Average delivery times:
    • Articles: 1 week
    • Books: 2 weeks
  • You will receive a e-mail message when your materials are available. Please be sure your contact information is correct.
  • You can also Log in to ILLiad and select View/Modify Outstanding Request to check the status of your requests. See ILLiad status messages for explanations.


  • Articles received electronically will be delivered online in PDF format unless you opt out of this service. We encourage you to use online delivery because it permits you to receive your articles more quickly and from any location.
  • Log in to ILLiad and select View/Download Electronically Received Articles to view articles online.
  • Print materials can be picked up at the Circulation Desk. Please bring your EMU ID to check them out.
  • Requests are deleted from ILLiad periodically. We keep information about requests for several years in order to comply with copyright law.

Returning Materials

  • All interlibrary loans must be returned to staff at the Library's Circulation Desk. Please do not return ILL materials through book drops.
  • If you ordered books and other materials that must be returned to the lending library, an ILL book band will be on the front of the items. Please do not remove this band.

Due Dates

  • Most books are available for three weeks.
  • The loan period is determined by the lending library, not the EMU Library. The due date will be stated on the front of the item. Please make sure you know when the items are due when you pick them up from the Library's Circulation Desk.
  • You must abide by the conditions of use as defined by the lending library. Some lending libraries state that their materials cannot be photocopied or leave our building. In these instances, the conditions of use will be documented on the front of the material.
  • There is no due date for most articles. Electronically delivered articles will remain available for 60 days.
  • Note: The lending library reserves the right to recall their materials before the due date. In this case, you need to return the materials immediately.

Renewing your ILL Materials

  • Log in to ILLiad and select View/Renew Checked Out Items.
  • You may request a renewal online, starting ten (10) days before the due date and until the date the book is due. (Before and after that 10-day “window” the system does not permit online renewal.)
  • You may also request a renewal by contacting the Halle Library ILL Dept. by phone, 734-487-2596 or by email (library_ill@emich.edu).
  • A renewal period of three weeks is usually permitted.
  • In the event that the lending library denies renewal, you will receive an email telling you to return it sooner.

Overdue Fines and Other Penalties

All EMU library patrons, including faculty and staff, are subject to the following overdue charges and penalties:

1-27 days past due

  • $1 per day
  • All ILL transactions will be suspended

28 days past due

  • $1 per day
  • $20 EMU library processing fee
  • Replacement costs and processing fees as determined by lending library.
  • All ILL transactions will be suspended
  • Borrowing & registration hold placed on university record. This means you will not be able to register for classes until fees are paid in full.

Failure to pick up ordered items

  • May result in $10 fine for each item
  • May result in suspension of your ILL privileges

All fees are non-refundable.