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Saturday June 24, 2017

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Instructional Services for Faculty


Faculty should contact the subject specialist librarian for their department or Suzanne Gray, Information Literacy Librarian (734.487.2517 - or suzanne.gray@emich.edu) to arrange course-related library instruction. Please schedule your class sessions well in advance to have a better chance of getting the dates and times you would like.

Our Challenge

Many of our students encounter new challenges associated with the work of college-level library research.  Currently, there is not a required class in the general education curriculum that insures that students will develop these critical abilities before they arrive in your classroom. Despite these challenges, teaching faculty frequently assume that students’ research skills are much more advanced than they really are.   Ask your students the following questions:

  • How do you find books on a particular topic? Journal articles?
  • What is the difference between popular and scholarly literature in this discipline and why does it matter?
  • What are some of the key research resources in this discipline?
  • How will you narrow or broaden your topic to meet the needs of this assignment?
  • How do you assess resources found on the Internet to determine whether they are authoritative or appropriate for academic research?
  • How do you cite sources in MLA, APA, or the designated style of this discipline?

If you are not satisfied with their answers, we are happy to help. 

Our Services for Faculty

The Halle Library strives to develop our users’ skills in finding, evaluating, and effectively using information through a variety of instructional services.  In addition to the suite of services that we offer to students, librarians also offer some of the following opportunities for collaboration to departmental faculty:

  • Librarians collaborate with faculty to integrate library and information literacy instruction into courses that contain a significant research component or that require the use of specialized electronic or print resources.
  • Librarians serve as guest lecturers to teach basic research skills for a specific course or assignment. These sessions can be customized to meet the particular needs of your class.
  • Librarians collaborate in the development or review of any library-related assignments. We can also provide input on making assignments more efficient and effective.
  • Librarians develop research guides that provide a customized web page through which your students can access relevant research materials for your course
  • Librarians will consult with your department to assist you in determining which classes in your programs might best feature research components. Librarians will also work with you to develop curriculum so that students can build their research skills as they move through the programs in your department.

Our Services for Students

Please consider adding our suggested text (Word format) to your syllabus to direct students to resources and services available to students to assist them in developing their research, writing, and technology skills.