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Live Ypsi Homebuyer Program

"As a new faculty member, I felt it was important that I make this community, not just the University, my home. The LiveYpsi program has been instrumental in making that possible."
- Dr. Sarah Walsh, Assistant Professor of Health Science, who purchased a home through the LiveYpsi program after joining EMU in the Fall of 2013.

"Thanks to the LiveYpsi program, I was able to achieve the dream of home ownership in the community in which I believe. The process was simple and I am so grateful that the program exists for those who love EMU and Ypsilanti as much as I do!"
- Betsy Stoelt, Social Work Therapist in the EMU Autism Collaborative Center, who purchased a home through the LiveYpsi program in the summer of 2015.

The LiveYpsi Homebuyer Program provides eligible employees of Eastern Michigan University ("EMU") and the Eastern Michigan University Foundation (the "Foundation") with a forgivable loan of either $5,000 or $10,000 (depending on the location of the property) to assist with the purchase of their primary residence in the City of Ypsilanti or in specific areas of Ypsilanti Township. 20% of the loan will be forgiven for each year the Participant meets all eligibility requirements, which include (1) remaining an eligible employee of EMU or the Foundation, (2) occupying the home as his/her primary residence, and (3) paying all applicable property taxes. At the end of a five-year period, 100% of the loan and all accrued interest will be forgiven.

The LiveYpsi Program helps the Ypsilanti community by encouraging eligible employees to purchase homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the University's main campus. Having eligible employees reside in the area helps stabilize property values and encourages involvement in the community.

The LiveYpsi Program is administered by EMU with funding from EMU and Washtenaw County, and is subject to the availability of funds. Additional information is located on this website.

Click here to download the informational flyer.

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