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How much does it cost to participate in the MAGIC program?

Participation in MAGIC is absolutely free!

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, everything you share with the MAGIC team will be confidential. However, there are three instances when confidentiality will need to be broken to ensure your safety and the safety of others. This is if the student:

  • reveals that s/he is being hurt by someone
  • is planning to hurt him/herself
  • is planning to hurt someone else
Can I earn LBC credits by participating in MAGIC?

While certain activities offered by MAGIC can be counted toward General Education credits in an LBC category, all students must provide an explanation of how their experience in the MAGIC (or any other) program fits into the General Education Program and why it fulfills an LBC requirement.

If I'm older than 20, does that make me ineligible for services through the MAGIC program?

No, you can still benefit from support services from MAGIC as long as you were once in foster care or you are experiencing homelessness. 

How are students formerly in foster care identified by the University?

When completing the FASFA, students are required to indicate whether or not they were ever in foster care or adopted to determine dependency status. Every student that answers yes to this question will be identified by Financial Aid and sent information about the MAGIC program. Enrollment Management at EMU (Office of Admissions and Financial Aid) will never share your information with any student group on campus without your permission.

I'm part of a student organization. Are there ways I can get involved in the MAGIC program?

Yes; please check out our volunteer opportunities.

How can I get involved with MAGIC as a community member?

MAGIC has community champion opportunities, you can offer your services toward a specific project oriented with supporting EMU foster care alumni. For example, you could raise money for gift cards that would provide meals to students during holiday breaks. Please see our volunteer opportunities.

As a former foster care youth, what assistance can I receive from MAGIC?

As an EMU student, you would have a supportive space, free of judgment to share your concerns with others that have shared a similar experience. You will have access to community resources and people that will be able to assist you with necessities like housing, food, and other basic needs.

What if I don't want people to know that I was in foster care or am experiencing homelessness?

MAGIC will always respect your privacy and never share your information. MAGIC will work to be sensitive to your individual experiences as a former foster care youth or student experiencing housing instability. Participation in the program will be added encouragement as you navigate the new world of college life.

Why should I join MAGIC?

Many youth who leave the foster care system or who don't have stable, permanent housing have challenges building stable support systems (i.e. family and friends). MAGIC would like to be a stable support system in your life while creating an environment that fosters success in college.

How does MAGIC differ from foster care?

Foster care involves a government agency that makes decisions on behalf of a minor child. The MAGIC program recognizes that you are an adult and that you are allowed to begin or end participation when you choose.

MAGIC is part of Academic Success Partnerships (within Academic and Student Affairs), 301 Pierce Hall, 734.487.0899 facebook