Message from the President

Greetings and welcome to the Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration (MAPEA) website.

MAPEA has actively promoted educational leadership as a profession and supported the development and growth of professors of education leadership programs in the State of Michigan since 1968. Our members include representatives from all of the universities that prepare individuals to serve in building and central office level administrative positions.

As an affiliate of the National Association of Professors of Educational Administration (NAPEA), MAPEA actively promotes leadership development at the state and national levels. We provide our members with reliable and timely information about a range of contemporary issues and policy initiatives. In addition, we sponsor an annual symposium that highlights pertinent research being conducted by faculty and graduate students across the state.

MAPEA General Membership Meetings are held in October and March each year at the Michigan Association of School Boards conference room, located at 1001 Centennial Way, Lansing 48197.

Please feel welcome to contact me or any member of the MAPEA Executive Board regarding topics that are important to you. We are here to serve you and help create leadership programs that inspire and transform educational institutions.


Gary E. Marx, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Eastern Michigan University