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2017 MLK Day Academic Programs

2017 Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Academic Programs

9:00 A.M. Sessions

Where Does a Legacy Begin?

Interactive workshop that will help attendees start thinking about how the world will view them. Actions of today will be the "Writings on the Wall" that future employers, business partners and potential life partners will see and begin to judge you by. Come learn how your reputation today will become your legacy tomorrow.

Presented by Damien L. Butler

Room 320


This is What Justice Sounds Like: Sound Poetry at EMU

This session will feature a pre-recorded sound track of student sound poems and MLK speeches in a conversation where I will occasionally offer context and interpretation. Student poets will be there to discuss their works and answer questions.

Presented by Christine Hume, Candace Pruitt, Zachary Bennett, Abigail Volick, & Darius Simpson

Room 330


Integrating Climate Change Education into Courses throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum

This session will discuss the undeniable fact that climate change is real and disproportionately afflicts the most vulnerable among us. As such, K-16 climate change education is not only critical for our long-term survival as a species, it is immediately applicable as a matter of social justice.

Presented by Amy F Johnson, Chiron Graves, Benedict Ilozor, Ethan Lowenstein, Dave Pawlowski, Thomas Kovacs & Katherine Ryker

Room 352


Confronting the “Wall”: Changing the Experiences of Women of Color at EMU

Through storytelling, this workshop will offer a space for attendants to talk about the "walls” Women of Color experience and discuss ways to support equality, peace, and justice.

Presented by Julia Heck and Sade Wilson

Room 310 A


What They Didn’t Want Martin to Talk About: War & Militarism

Before Dr. King's tragic death, he was speaking out more against war (i.e. as part of "the giant triplets of racism, militarism and economic exploitation") even though some criticized him for doing so. The session will explore why Dr Kings thoughts on militarism and war are still rarely mentioned.

Presented by Veterans for Peace: Bill Shea & Bob Krzewinski

Room 350


From Dreaming to Willing 

This session will explore one of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s greatest legacies in contemporary America; it will address the challenges to unity within the Black community as well as collective unity across all social and cultural groups.

Presented by Dr. Ana Monteiro- Ferreira

Room: Kiva


10:00 A.M. Sessions


New Research by McNair Scholars

This session will feature a panel discussing Obesity in Detroit's Latino Community, Environmental Justice in Detroit's River Rouge Communities, and Intervention Programs for Batterers.

Presented by DeMarco Johnson, Ivan LeBron, Yeliani Valdez

Room 330


Black Liberation: Martin Luther King Jr.

This session will discuss the context of the modern world and the Black Lives Matter movement, to revisit the passions and acts of Dr. King in order to better understand his stance on Black Liberation.

Presented by Kiera Hevert & Abby Davis

Room 350


Intersectionality in Theory & Practice

This workshop will introduce intersectionality as a framework for addressing the ways that different forms of oppression and privilege interact in individual lives and provide an approach to issues we teach and organize about.

Presented by Elizabeth Curans and Dyann Logwood

Room 320


Educational Injustice for People of Color

This session will analyze and discuss how to keep our children out of the criminal justice system, and combating educational injustice for people of color.

Presented by Thronton Perkins, Mary King & Adam Zemke

Room 352


Hip-Hop: The Child Of The Civil Rights Movement

This session will explore the evolution of Hip Hop as it pertains to the Civil Rights Movement. Exploration of artist in the 60's-70's and messages from songs as it relates to the black community and systematic injustices. Highlights will be provided of powerful lyrics and the importance of Hip Hop in the African American Community.

Presented by Courtney Morris & Jaborius Ball

Room 310B


What Unites Us? A Reflection on Today & Aspirations For the Future

This session invites the campus and community to come participate in the planning and designing of a Unity Mural that represents the heart of EMU's campus. 

Presented by Diane Brinson-Days, Tytiana Steele, Dr. Cam, Steven Kwasney, & Sasha Zein

Room 310A


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