Eastern Michigan University
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EMU Express, MUSC 177


Focuses on teaching musicians the techniques important in vocal jazz, contemporary a cappella, barbershop and other more modern forms of chamber vocal music. In addition to musical techniques, students will learn about microphone technique, recording issues and soundboard basics. Conductor Liza Calisesi Maidens. The class meets Tuesday 5:00-7:00.

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EMU Express Board – Fall 2016

Alissa Amell
Emily Daniels
Joelle Laginess
Courtney Nix
Aaron Pollard
Ryan Downing

Fall 2016 Concert Dates

Concert with Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday, October 18, 7:30pm in Pease Auditorium
EMU Choral Dept. Concert
Friday, Oct. 21, 7:30pm in Pease Auditorium
EMU Express at Tower Inn
Thursday, Nov. 10, 9pm at Tower Inn


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