The Call for Manuscripts for the NCPEA Yearbook (2011) 


The Call has several parts:

I.    General Information and Theme

II    Submission Process

III. Deadlines

IV. PublisherŐs guidelines for Manuscript Submission

V.  Contact Information of Editor

VI. Other


I. General Information 


            A. The theme of the NCPEA Yearbook will be announced soon by President Gary Kinsey, for the 65th NCPEA Conference in Portland, Oregon. That theme idea will also run through the yearbook.


B. Preview information provided on the website for ŇTips for Publishing in the YearbookÓ from the Conference presentation in San Antonio in 2009. The posted powerpoint is regarding writing style and the general focus for research in the field (discipline) of education. 


C. Drafts are unacceptable to submit to the Yearbook.  Please ensure that the manuscript has been edited sufficiently and is in the best form it can be prior to submitting.


D. In the review of literature within the manuscript, be certain to include as appropriate: (a) theoretical review, (b) research review, and (c) positional review.  In the research review of literature, be certain that sufficient information is provided the reader in order to understand the study (ies) you are reporting.  It is expected that the author will critique the study (ies) as well-- pointing out any weaknesses in the qualitative or quantitative methodological processes and/or results.  Positional papers that are included as a part of the review of literature need to be noted as such to be carefully considered.


II. The Submission Process- FastTrack 


A.          We will use a Fast-Track process for submissions. Submissions will be monitored by Editorial Board members for quality, relevance, focus, APA, etc. and reviewed by at least two persons from the Panel of Reviewers and sorted into one of five categories: Accept, Accept with minor adjustments (usually technical), Accept with minor revision, Accept with revision, not accepted for this yearbook. If you have questions, contact one of the editors.





B.          FastTrack details: FastTrack is a state-of-the art pre-press management software, considered among the highest quality on-line manuscript management systems. Designed for the ease of use, this system has critical time saving features which compress the time needed for pre-press document handling and review.


1.           Registration: To submit your manuscript through fast-track or to review a document the user needs to first make an account in the fast-track system. Once a user completes the registration process he/she is given a user id and a password. The registration process is very simple and can be completed on this website:


 As you register, please accept that you will be a reviewer as well as an author.


2.           Submission: A user can move towards manuscript submission after creating an account on fast-track. To submit a manuscript visit


3.           Reviewers: The reviewers are assigned to a manuscript by the editors. A blind copy of the manuscript is uploaded into the fast-track system by the editor. This blind copy, a due date, and the criteria for review are made available to the reviewers.


4.           Publishing: Once the reviewers provide their comments, the manuscript is either accepted, sent for further revisions or rejected. If a manuscript is sent for further revisions, it is considered rejected until the manuscript has been cleaned and accepted.  The manuscript may be sent out for another review if revisions are requested.


C.          Submissions for the manuscript will follow APA 6th Edition with the exception of the publisherŐs requirements as noted in the attached formatting guidelines.  Please save your manuscript in the format provided.  Your manuscript will be returned to you if it is not in the publisherŐs format for initial submission in the FastTrack System.


 III. Deadlines 


A.          The yearbook must be completed and delivered to Portland, Oregon, in time for NCPEA 2011 Meeting. The review process will take some time, especially if the material requires revisions.


B.          Deadline for initial receipt: December 5, 2010. Sooner is better!  Deadline for reviews to be returned and responses to the authors is March 1, 2010.    Deadline for the final revisions and resubmission will be April 15, 2010. 




IV. PublisherŐs Guidelines 


Please submit your manuscript in the format provided below using the fonts and style noted.  This should speed things along in the process.  Thank you.


V. Other

 (8 point Arial Regular) SECTION TITLE (you may leave this as a placeholder) 



Paper Title

(14 Point Times New Roman Bold) 



12 Point Times New Roman (All Text) 








































9 Point Arial Regular (Author Name, Author Affiliation) 


11 Point Arial Bold (Table Number). 11 Point Arial Regular (Table Title). 

                                                    10.5 Point Times New Roman (Table Head)                                                    

10.5 Point Times New Roman (Table Body Text)
















1.               (Numbered List) 12 Point Times New Roman 



(On numbered lists, including Research Questions, please indent and then the second line will go back to the margin.  Only quotes exceeding 40 words should be blocked. Your own numbered listings are not blocked.) 

1.      It would be something like this if you were using this a numbered listing of your own. It would be indented on the first line, but not on the second line.  

2.      So, you see how this is noted.  The statements are indented, and then the second line goes back to the side margin.  Make certain only quotes are blocked—not your research questions or lists you are writing yourself. 





11 Point Arial Italic (Figure Caption). 




10 Point Times New Roman (Reference Text)