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Full-Time Lecturers

Summary of 2012 EMU-EMUFT Contract Negotiations

  • Bargaining Session #12 (Nov. 27) EMUFT presented proposals on evaluations, promotions, distinguished teaching awards, and resignations (current language).
  • #11 (Nov. 20)
    • EMU made a proposal on fringe benefits and a counterproposal on intellectual property to strike the EMUFT proposal and leave the matter to Board of Regents policy.
    • EMUFT offered counterproposals on appointments and reappointments, layoff and recall, discipline and dismissal, past practices, special conferences, general purpose and intent, agreement, and scope.
  • #10 (Nov. 16)
    • EMU made counterproposals on appointments and reappointments (includes 2 years rather than the current 3 for the probationary period) and responsibilities and professional development (includes funding for professional development).
    • EMU made a new proposal on compensation, which includes promotion adjustments of $2,500 compared to $2,000 currently and a change in overload language to reflect current practice.
    • EMU made proposals regarding the "Miscellaneous" section of the existing contract and elimination of Appendix A (on-line instruction is now treated in departments like any other course).
  • #9 (Nov. 13) EMUFT provided presentations by several full-time lecturers. EMU offered counterproposal on union rights and proposals on health care and compensation. The proposal included salary adjustments of a one-time increase in base salary of $1,250 and a 1% salary increase for academic years 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016.
  • #8 (Nov. 6)
    • EMU presented tentative agreements using EMUFT language covering agreement, purpose and intent, management rights, membership dues and fees, past practices, and special conferences. No agreements were signed.
    • EMUFT presented counterproposals on equal employment opportunity and academic freedom, strikes, personnel files, and leaves.
  • #7 (Nov. 1) EMUFT made proposals covering membership dues and fees, grievances, as well as counterproposals on agreement, purpose and intent, management rights, special conferences, and past practices.
  • #6 (Oct. 23) Staff from EMU Human Resources made a presentation on health care options.
  • #5 (Oct. 16)
    • EMUFT made a presentation about its membership and presented proposals covering appointments and reappointments, promotion and evaluation, layoff and recall, discipline and dismissal, duration and amendment, professional respect, professional responsibilities, teaching awards, strikes, resignations, scope of agreement, and recognitions.
    • EMU indicated that there could be overlap in the language of the contracts for full-time and part-time lecturers, but the topic deserved more attention, and the University's primary goal was to agree to contract for full-time lecturers by the December 31 deadline.
    • EMU made counteroffers on agreement, purpose and intent, management rights, memberships dues and services, grievances. EMU made counteroffers on outside employment and personnel files that are the same as EMUFT proposals.
  • #4 (Oct. 9)
    • EMU made proposals regarding agreement, general purpose, management rights, membership dues and fees, grievances, outside employment, special conferences, personnel files, and past practices.
    • EMUFT made proposals regarding union rights, academic freedom, and intellectual property.
  • #3 (Oct. 2) EMUFT made a presentation about its history and its aims regarding the contracts for full-time and part-time lecturers. EMUFT offered proposals covering equal employment opportunity, outside employment, personnel files, and grievance procedures.
  • #2 (Sept. 25) EMUFT offered proposals covering agreement, purpose and intent, management rights, past practices, special conferences, domestic partnerships, and membership dues and fees. Emu proposed changes to Article 15, most notably changing the start of the evaluation time line from September 30 to December 1.
  • #1 (Sept. 11) EMU and EMUFT agreed to and signed ground rules for the collective bargaining sessions.
  • May 24, EMU and EMUFT sign memorandum of understanding that extends existing contract through Dec. 31, 2012.