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Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Certification Program


Who We Are

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing, and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. The NLA also prepares undergraduate, graduate students, and professionals for careers with national and international nonprofit organizations.

How We Work

Students or professionals enroll in the program and work to receive the Certified Nonprofit Professional certification (CNP). Certification is earned by:

The path to achieving the competencies for undergraduate, graduate, and professionals is explained in the NLA Certification process (see NLA certification link).

How We Benefit Students: The CNP Certification

Upon completion of the program, students will receive the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) national credential and are ready for the competitive job market.

Our CNPs:

  • Have met or exceeded all Alliance Certification standards
  • Have acquired professional nonprofit skills
  • Have established connections and gained knowledge in the nonprofit sector
  • Have gained real-world experience
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