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Each student pursuing their CNP must gain experience in the nonprofit sector by completing a 300-hour internship (alternate requirements for online professional students). Nonprofit Leadership Alliance staff will work with each student to make sure that their internship experience is academically and personally rewarding.

Internships may be integrated into the student’s regular academic schedule or take place during a term away from school such as a summer break. Internships may involve academic credit, but it is not a requirement. Students can have more than one nonprofit internship placement to complete the 300 hours. A year of AmeriCorps experience can take the place of an internship.

Completion of the following documents is required for internships to qualify for CNP credit:

A listing of local internship locations can be found here.

For more information on local nonprofit internships, contact

Alliance Career Development Award

The national NLA office provides a $2,000 stipend for students who complete a 300-hour unpaid internship at a nonprofit organization. More info here.