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Membership Levels

Membership is open to all full- and/or part-time undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing Speech Language Pathology or Hearing-Impaired Education as a profession.

Become a member at the beginning of fall or winter semester by filling out a membership application. Dues are $10 per year.

A member is eligible to vote, be elected as an officer for the following year, and serve on committees.

To promote participation, the following levels of membership will also be available:

  1. Active Member = 6 event points and attendance to at least 8 meetings per academic year.
  2. Supportive Member = 4 points and attendance to at least 6 meetings per academic year.
  3. Moderate Member = 2 points and attendance to at least 4 meetings per academic year.

Points can be obtained by attending social, service and fundraising events (one event = 1 point).

Attendance to events and points earned will be recorded by NSSLHA officers, however the attendance sheet at each event must be signed by the participating members for the point to register.

The greatest benefits will come from achieving active member status. Some of these benefits include:

  • closer relationships with peers, faculty, and grad students
  • more involvement in the speech and hearing community
  • more awareness of faculty research

A letter can be obtained upon request officially stating your level of involvement in NSSLHA, which can be useful for recommendation letters or résumés.

Click Here to check your member point totals!
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