World Cup Soccer



If we do not have 8 teams signed up by March 28, the tournament will be cancelled.


  • THe event will be indoors and with professional referees.
  • Each game will be 4 players verses 4 players. Up to 2 subs for each team. Due to the smaller-sized field and goals, there will be no goalkeeper position.
  • NO slide tackling will be permitted.

Rosters and Tournament Organization

  • Teams can consist of no more than 6 players.
  • Non-EMU students can also participate, however preference will be given to EMU students.
  • The tournament will be organized in two stages: the group stage followed by the knockout stage.
  • In the group stage, teams compete within groups of four teams each. Each group plays a round-robin tournament, guaranteeing that every team will play at least two matches. The top two teams from each group advances to the knockout stage.
  • Points are used to rank the teams within a group. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no point for a loss.
  • The winning team will be given the 2014 EMU World Cup trophy.
  • OIS reserves the right to alter tournament rules at any time.
  • Please read the 2014 EMU World Cup Soccer Rules and Regulations for complete details.


  • Shin guards are required at all times. All participants play at their own risk and EMU is not responsible for any injury.
  • No iron crampons are allowed.
  • Preferably each team member must wear the same color of shirt or jersey. Bring two different shirt colors, as a team, in case your opposing team is wearing the same color.

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