The HELLO! program is designed to help you transition to life at EMU. You can follow our HELLO! team members' blog posts, talk with them via chat sessions, ask them questions and meet them at our welcome table during your first weeks at EMU. Team HELLO! are current American or international students at EMU for at least one semester. Team HELLO! will answer your questions about life at EMU, in the U.S. and in Ypsilanti!

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Please direct questions about immigration, visas, orientation, health care, flight/travel, and other questions of this nature to the Office of International or 734-487-3116.


Hannah Gregoire

I'm a Spanish major and I have a TESOL minor here at EMU. I plan on teaching Spanish and ESL at the high school level after I graduate. I love to spend my free time playing clarinet and piano (and participating in EMU bands) and sitting outside to enjoy nice weather! I also work at a soap store on the weekends.

Trisha Dowling

I am a master's candidate in the TESOL program (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at EMU and I am really enjoying being a part of this university! My interests include traveling, doing yoga, IndyCar racing, watching the TV show 'The Office', and trying new things. I love helping people and just enjoying life.

Kemia Wright

My name is Kemia and I am a Junior here at EMU who is studying Linguistics and TESOL, also I am one of the Communication Directors for the TESOL/ESL Organization. Aside from school and helping out with my Org. I love watching t.v., movies, playing video games, listening to music, singing, and dancing. I also love to help and meet new people and learn about cultures and beliefs that are different than my own.

Clarissa Codrington

Hi! My name is Clarissa and I'm in the TESOL master's program here at EMU. I have been around various cultures my entire life, since my father is from Barbados, I ran track in college with many Caribbean students, and then I lived in Japan after I graduated from undergrad. I love running, traveling, cooking, eating, music, dancing, TV, movies, reading, and learning new languages. I also have a lot of school spirit, since I'm the daughter of two former EMU students. I look forward to meeting new people and helping them in any way that I can!

YuJin Woo

Hello, I am now a junior at EMU who has Computer Information System major (CIS). I am from South Korea. I really like meeting new people. It’s one of enjoyments in my life. Especially if I can help people in our meeting, it would be good things for me. I know a struggle for international students in U.S. because I am also an international student  who has same experience. I want to share my life in here. I usually enjoy doing work out, cook, travelling and studying at cafe.

Tyrie Adams

My name is Tyrie and I am a full time undergraduate student working part time at EMU. I study International Business and I plan to double major in Japanese language and culture. When I am not studying or working I like to watch movies, listen to music, play the piano, explore the city, try new restaurants, play video games, and meet new people. I am really interested in different cultures and would love to meet different people from all over the world.

Elina Angastinioti

My name is Elina and my major is dietetics. The importance of diet for people's well-being has not been lost on me as I have moved between Cyprus, the United Kingdom to study nutrition and food science and finally to United States to follow my dream, in the last four years. I really enjoying studying at Eastern Michigan University. In addition I am part of International Student Association. In my free time I do like volunteering, socializing and watching series. I love travelling, and I do hope that one day I will be able to travel around the world.

Adele Schultz

Hi my name is Adele and I am an international student from Australia. Currently I am junior majoring in Sport Management with two minors - one in Communications and the other in Marketing; I have really enjoyed my first two years here at EMU. I love to travel and to keep fit, and I have interests in technology and photography. I really would like to travel around Europe after graduating from EMU. Throughout high school I spent the first couple of years learning basic French and Japanese.

Naga Sandhya Guntaka

I am Naga Sandhya Guntaka, a recent graduate from the chemistry department at EMU. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of Florida. Although it's been a year that I have graduated from the EMU, as an alumnus I always love to stay in touch with the EMU community. Besides my recent obsession with craft designs and gardening, I love cooking, watching TV, window shopping and volunteering on weekends. I am happy to help incoming students transition to life at EMU and I am very excited to meet new students from different countries and cultures.

Andrea Aya

I'm a psychology major with a dance minor at Eastern and I really enjoy been part of this University and sharing with all the amazing people I have met. I am an International student from Colombia and I love to learn from different cultures and lifestyles. In my free time I like to dance , especially Salsa, watch movies, hang out with friends, travel and do yoga.



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