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Please provide the following demographic information. Even though this information might be irrelevant to the issue for which you are seeking assistance, it's important for our record keeping. We would appreciate your sharing the following information, but we respect your right to not provide it.

I have attempted to resolve this matter but could not find a neutral or "reasonable" solution to the problem. Therefore, I am authorizing the Office of the Ombuds to discuss my concern with any University personnel involved to help find an informal resolution to this matter. I understand that the services provided by the Office of the Ombuds are informal and neutral with limited confidentiality. The Office of the Ombuds it is not an advocacy office. I also understand that communications to the Office of the Ombuds does not constitute notices to the University nor to its staff. I understand that, due to the limitations of technology, confidentiality cannot be assured when using e-mail. By submitting this form, I am authorizing the Office of the Ombuds to address my concerns via e-mail, at meetings, and telephone conversations.