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Indirect Cost Policy

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The Office of Research Development supports faculty seeking funding for research and special projects from external agencies. ORD services include:

  • Identification of funding sources including SMARTS subscriptions providing on-line daily notification of new funding sources
  • Initiation and coordination of proposal development
  • Organization and support to faculty teams developing large projects
  • Preparation of proposal budgets and institutional documents
  • Liaison to sponsors
  • Interpretation of guidelines and regulations
  • Negotiations of grant agreements and contracts
  • Support services for grant awards (processing budget changes, amendments, extensions, terminations)
  • Assistance in drafting and editing proposals
  • Assistance in project management
  • Assistance with intellectual property issues
  • Liaison to Payroll, Personnel, Accounting, Legal Affairs, and Purchasing
  • Assurance of University compliance with all applicable laws and government regulations regarding academic integrity, conflict of interest, use of human subjects in research, humane care and treatment of laboratory animals, and radiation safety
  • Recommending expenditures for health and safety in research and instructional laboratories
  • Free grant-writing workshops for faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Publicizing new grants and successful faculty, staff, and graduate students

Indirect Cost Policy

Recovery Policy
Eastern Michigan University seeks maximum recovery of its indirect costs for research on all grants and contracts. Eastern Michigan's indirect-cost rate (established by the federal Department of Health and Human Services) is 45.5% for on-campus projects and 24% for off-campus projects. Federal rates are based on modified total direct cost. Rates for projects funded by the State of Michigan, local governments, private corporations, foundations, and other sources may differ from the federal rate. The Director of Research Development must approve indirect cost rates lower than the federal rate, waivers of indirect cost, and administrative fees charged by organized research units.

Redistribution Policy - Academic Affairs Division
The General Fund receives 40% of all indirect cost recovered on externally funded grants and contracts. This money is used in direct support of research infrastructure. In the Division of Academic Affairs, the balance is distributed as follows:

Office of the Provost 15%
Dean 15%
Office of Research Development 10%
Originating Unit* 15%
Project Director 5%
*Project Director’s home department or organized research unit

Institutes not affiliated with a college receive 30%.

Indirect cost recovery accounts are intended to be used to cover indirect costs associated with research and sponsored projects
For Further Information Contact:
Caryn Charter, Director, Office of Research Development, Starkweather Hall, 487-3090,

Matching Fund

Nature of the Fund
Proposals for external funding are more competitive when an institutional match - in-kind or cash - is offered as part of the proposal budget. In-kind support may take many forms - volunteered time, clerical support, student help, graduate assistants, equipment, or use of facilities. When a cash match is required or recommended, proposal writers may request use of ORD's matching fund.

ORD’s Cash-Match Policy
ORD may provide a cash match when required by a funding agency, when the agency has insufficient funding to support all of the project costs, or when the project has elements of cost that the funding agency will not fund. When a cash match is required by the funding agency, ORD may provide matching funds up to 25% of total direct cost. When a cash match is recommended or desirable in order to make the proposal more competitive, ORD may provide up to 10% of total direct cost. In rare instances, the required match-to-award ratio may be as high as 1:1. Cash match may be applied to any item in the project's direct-cost budget.

For Additional Information Contact:
Caryn Charter, Director, Office of Research Development, Starkweather Hall, 487-3090,


Nature of the Service
The Office of Research Development subscribes to SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Researcher Transmittal System), an InfoEd service that prepares and sends notices of funding opportunities via email to faculty who subscribe to the service.  Faculty subscribers provide keywords that limit the volume of notices to those that suit their specific research interest.

How to Enroll

1) Go to the 'Site Index' page of our Web site, find the "SMARTS" link arranged alphabetically under "S", and clicking on this link will take you to the SMARTS Web site.

2) Once there, click the "create a new profile" link, and follow the instructions.

3) You must enter your name, department, and email address, and be prepared to enter a memorable username and password.

4) Once you have created your profile, you can manage your SMARTS options from the "Profile Summary Page."

5) ORD recommends limiting your keyword selection to 20 or less. Select specific, rather than general, keywords. Otherwise you may be overwhelmed with responses from the system.

For Further Information Contact:
Caryn Charter, Director, Office of Research Development, Starkweather Hall, 487-3090,

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