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The Animal Care Policy Manual further clarifies the intent of the Animal Welfare Act. The policies below are not in the same text or format style as the hard copy of the Policy Manual, but the wording is exactly the same.

Updated October 12, 1999
Policy #1
Denial of AWA License Applications
Policy #2
Submission of Traveling Exhibitor Itinerary
Policy #3 Veterinary Care
Policy #4 Use of Leased Animals by Licensees
Policy #5 Licensing of Exotic Animal Auction Markets
Policy #6 Space and Exercise Requirements for Traveling Exhibitors
Policy #7 Group Classifications for Nonhuman Primates
Policy #8 Guidelines for the Confiscation and Destruction of Animals
Policy #9 Barrier Facility, SPF Colony Inspection
Policy #10 Licensing and Registration of Producers of Antibodies, Sera and/or Other Animal Parts and Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU)
Policy #11 Painful/Distressful Procedures
Policy #12 Written Narrative for Alternatives to Painful Procedures
Policy #13 Microchip Implants
Policy #14 Major Survival Surgery, Single vs. Multiple Procedures
Policy #15 IACUC membership
Policy #16 Dealers Selling Surgically Altered Animals to Research
Policy #17 Annual Report for Research Facilities
Policy #18 Health Certificate for Dogs, Cats, and Nonhuman Primates
Policy #19 Tattoo Identification of Dogs and Cats
Policy #20 Identification of Puppies Less than 16 Weeks of Age
Policy #21 Control of Tuberculosis in Regulated Elephants
Policy #22 Necropsy Requirements
Policy #23 Criteria for Licensing Hoofstock Dealers
Policy #24 Adequate Enclosures for Flying Species and Aquatic Species
Policy #25 Proper Diets for Large Felids
Policy #26 Regulation of Agricultural Animals
Policy #27 Capture Methods of Prairie Dogs
Policy #28 Licensing Sales of Dead Animals

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