Using Vertebrate Animals In Research
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University policy and federal law require a review of projects for humane treatment and judicious use of vertebrate animals. At Eastern Michigan University, adherence to this policy and federal law is ensured by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Projects Requiring Review
Principal investigators and course directors must obtain approval from IACUC before initiating any research, testing, or instructional project involving the use of vertebrate animals. Failure to do so is a violation of federal law.

The Application Review Process
IACUC-approved projects that are also funded are termed "activated" and will receive a Protocol Approval Number (PAN, a modification of the Application Number). Activation of approval is required in order to purchase animals and initiate the approved procedures. The Protocol Approval Number must be referenced on animal-care and - use documents, such as animal requisitions, displayed on individual animal cages, and may be requested by outside inspectors.

Approval Period and Annual Review
IACUC approval is valid for a maximum of three years. Each year, principal investigators will be sent and are required to complete, sign, and return a brief Annual Review Form. Completion of this form is required for compliance with the regulations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act.

Instructions and application forms may be downloaded from the upper right section of this page. The application must be filled out and submitted to the Office of Research Development, Starkweather Hall, 2nd Floor.

Use Only Adobe Reader 7.1 or Later for Interactive PDF Forms.

Animal Care
Application to Use Vertebrate Animals
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Animal Care
Completing Application to Use Vertebrate Animals
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