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The ability to use computers or applications to collect, store, analyze, and transmit data involving human subjects is evolving quickly. The new methods for research present opportunities for enhancing the dissemination of surveys to larger numbers of subjects but they also present new challenges for researchers to protect their participants. Eastern Michigan University has always sought to provide the same level of protection to human subjects as were provided in the more traditional non-electronic methods.

All studies, including those using computer and internet-based applications, must:
  • ensure that procedures fulfill the principles of voluntary participation and informed consent
  • maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from or about human participants, and
  • adequately address possible risks to participants including psychosocial stress and related risks.

The purpose of this guidance is to help researchers plan, develop, and implement computer- and internet-based research protocols that provide the same level of protection of human participants as more traditional research methodologies. The guidelines are comprised of requirements and recommendations that are consistent with the basic IRB principles applied to all research involving human participants.

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