Coverage Overview


Insurance is just one aspect, albeit an important one, of EMU's overall risk management program. Eastern's Office of Risk Management and Workers Compensation is part of the General Counsel's Office. The office is located at 11 Welch. Since there are many exceptions to the guidelines below, specific questions should be directed to 487-1357.

Am I Covered?

The most common insurance question, Am I covered?, is best answered by referring to the EMU Policy Manual, Article VIII, "Indemnification," which states that the Board of Regents will indemnify against expenses (including legal fees), judgments, fines, and settlements any employee of the University who is party to a civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative action, as long as the person was working for the University and was acting in good faith in the best interests of EMU.

EMU maintains Comprehensive General Liability insurance covering:

  • bodily injury
  • fire legal liability
  • owned and non owned watercraft (limited)
  • host liquor liability
  • police professional liability
  • athletic liability
  • products/completed operations
  • personal injury
  • dram shop liability
  • contractual liability (limited)
  • incidental medical malpractice (limited).
  • In addition, EMU carries Errors and Omissions Liability but with numerous exclusions. Specific questions should be addressed to the Office of Risk Management at 487-1357.

Persons traveling on University business are covered by various University policies, including travel and indemnification, and in accordance with state and federal law (e.g., Workers Disability Compensation, Michigan automobile no-fault law).

University property will be replaced or reimbursed subject to a $500 deductible per occurrence. Personal property on University premises is not insured.

In the event of an injury to a student, visitor, or other person not employed by the University, coverage is limited to negligence that results in injury or damage to that person's property. When such accidents occur, they should be promptly reported to the Office of Risk Management (487-1357). Do not admit responsibility, or offer to pay for damages.

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