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"Technology transfer is the dissemination of University developed innovations into the marketplace for the benefit of society and University."

Technology Transfer Policy
Technology Transfer Training Module

Technology Transfer Procedure
  1. Inventions developed under sponsored research or funded by the University must be disclosed to the University. If you are unsure if you developed an invention please contact Phil Rufe, Technology Transfer Coordinator.

  2. Inventions should be submitted using the invention disclosure form (see upper right column of this page). It should be submitted, if possible, prior to any public disclosure, i.e. publication or presentation. If a public disclosure has already been made, please submit the invention disclosure as soon as possible.

  3. The invention disclosure form should be emailed or sent to the Technology Transfer Coordinator, Phil Rufe at prufe@emich.edu or 118 Sill Hall.

  4. If you have any questions, please contact Phil Rufe at prufe@emich.edu or call 734-487-2040.

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Technology Transfer
EMU Technology Transfer Policy
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Technology Transfer
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Technology Transfer
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