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Eastern Michigan University (the “University”) is committed to discovering and extending knowledge through basic and applied research, both on campus and in the wider community, to address local, regional, national, and international opportunities and challenges.

One way the University fulfills this portion of its mission is by encouraging the pursuit and transfer of new knowledge useful to society. Institutions of higher education have long played a significant role in developing new technologies and social concepts that have advanced the quality of life and contributed to the public good. In addition, developing new uses in industry and society for university-based research ideas is critical to economic growth.

Ways in which knowledge is transferred from institutions of higher education to useful applications in society vary depending upon the type of knowledge being transferred and the mechanisms that have been established for transferring such knowledge. The teaching and research relationship is one of the most basic ways in which knowledge is created and transferred into practice. Beyond this, publication and presentation have a long tradition as a means of disseminating new knowledge. Although teaching, publishing, and presenting are effective and well-established methods for transferring knowledge into practice, advancing a discipline, and improving the quality of life, the rise of a technology and knowledge-based economy has resulted in institutions of higher education engaging in a profit-based form of knowledge transfer.

Technology Transfer
EMU Technology Transfer Policy
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A university may also contribute directly to the well-being of society through actively working with other societal sectors to develop, protect, and license University- generated inventions and new technologies. It is thus necessary to recognize that research and innovation that result in products for commercialization frequently involve complex relationships among several parties, including research sponsors, the University, and its Faculty.

The purpose of this Technology Transfer Policy (“Policy”) is to define the rights and responsibilities of Eastern Michigan University and its Faculty as they relate to new transferable technology not directly related to classroom instruction. This Policy is intended to:
  • Expedite technology transfer and the dissemination of useful knowledge
  • Protect and balance equitable rights of Faculty Inventors, research sponsors, the University, and the public
  • Support and stimulate further research and invention
  • Prevent improper exploitation of inventions and inventors and abuse of new information.

For a more in depth look at EMU's Technology Transfer Policy, Please download the PDF in the upper right column of this page.

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