3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.1. Employment

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3.1.4. Appointment, Hiring, Transfer and Promotion

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Effective Date: 10-25-1965

Revision Date: 2-15-2011


Following approval for recruitment for vacancies, all regular faculty and staff vacancies are posted by the Human Resources Department to inform current employees of potential transfer and promotion opportunities and to solicit applications from qualified and interested internal applicants. Positions may be simultaneously posted and/or advertised to the outside public, based on need for additional outreach. Temporary positions may be filled directly by departments with qualified individuals without posting, subject to prior review and approval of Human Resources or Academic Human Resources, as appropriate for the type of work to be performed.

All applicants for faculty and staff (regular or temporary) positions must complete the appropriate standard application form and submit the application form and any additional application materials for consideration via the University's online hiring system.

Individuals may be required to take examinations by the Human Resources Department. Such test results will be used to help determine an individual's abilities and qualifications.

Deans, department heads, and directors or subordinate designee manager/supervisor recommend faculty and staff appointments for their departments or areas. Human Resources or Academic Human Resources will review and grant "hiring authority (HA)" access/approval privileges via the on-line hiring system, as appropriate for their administrative role.

Positions are created and appointments are made to and paid from the account or project for which work is performed. Appointments of regular staff and faculty employees can only be made to positions properly authorized and as indicated in the University's official position control system.

The Board of Regents is the official employing authority for all University personnel.

A new employee in a regular position can begin work, as a probationary employee, following approval of the appointment by the appropriate hiring authority and Human Resources/Academic Human Resources. Initial hiring appointments for all regular staff and faculty employees are not considered final until approved by the Board of Regents.

Subsequent to initial hire current employees may indicate their desire to transfer or promote to other job opportunities within the University through proper application as job postings occur. Promotion can take place, only as openings occur in the ranks and will be based on merit qualifications of the employee, and the requirements of the position.

Promotion may also occur for staff employees as a result of reclassification, due to changes in job responsibilities over time that significantly increase the level and scope of duties being regularly performed. All reclassification actions (promotion, title change, re-assignment, etc.) will be recommended by the hiring manager/director, require support of the division Vice President and review/approval of Human Resources.

Any falsification in the application or failure to mention any requested information may constitute grounds for rejection of the application and/or immediate dismissal.

Supplemental employment policies and procedures may be maintained by the Human Resources Department.


The University President or his/her designee(s) has overall responsibility for implementation and administration of this policy and for establishing and/or revising related procedures or recommending related policy revisions, as necessary, to assure compliance and consistency with this policy.


This policy covers all employees of the University.
Collective bargaining agreements, where applicable, detail how this policy will be administered for those covered employees.


Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents, October 25, 1965: para. .293M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents, February 15, 2011