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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Student Programs and Requirements

Chapter No. 8.5.1

Issue: Limitations to University Authority: Student Body Constitution

Effective Date: 8-19-1970

Revision Date: 1-17-2006


It is recognized by Eastern Michigan University that the student body has the right to establish and maintain a Student Body Constitution.  The Student Body Constitution sets forth the structure and procedures of student government.  The constitution gains no added authority by being referenced in the Policy Manual nor are the students hereby limited in their power to approve or implement changes to their constitution.  

To the extent that the Student Body Constitution may be found to conflict with Board approved policy such as may occur in the provisions on judicial power, it is not controlling on the University, its governing board or administrators.

Student Government bears the legal responsibility for its actions and for its oversight of the Student Body Constitution.



Student Government will be responsible for maintaining the Student Body Constitution.  The Constitution is a reflection of the structure and procedures of Student Government.



The Dean of Students is responsible for the overall implementation, administration and interpretation of the policy.  Student Government is responsible for the daily administration of this policy.



This policy applies to all students at Eastern Michigan University.


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, August 19, 1970, para. .922M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents, December 2, 2003, para. .6194M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents, January 17, 2006, para. .6558M.