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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Information Technology

Chapter No. 15.1

Issue: Electronic Communications

Effective Date: 3-15-05

Revision Date: 11-18-08


The University must maintain the integrity, continuity and security of its electronic information and communication infrastructure as well as the data contained or transmitted by this infrastructure.  This is for the benefit of all persons depending upon the continuous availability, security and integrity of the University electronic infrastructure and data. 

A communications device, telephone, computer, workstation or other computing or electronic device owned by the University, and any other device attached to the University networks, holding University data, or used in conducting University business, is subject to scanning, monitoring and searching by the University:

The University ordinarily does not monitor electronic communications of individuals during transmission or storage on University information infrastructure and will do so only for the reasons stated in this policy or other published University policies, rules, regulations and procedures not in conflict with this policy.  No one shall monitor any communications, files or electronic activities of another for any reason not authorized herein.  Violations of this policy and the lawful regulations procedures established under the authority of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary actions, as well as incur civil or criminal liability. 



University procedures and regulations are and shall be established which govern acceptable uses and maintain the integrity, continuity and security of University information technology resources and institutional data. 



The Chief Information Officer shall create regulations and procedures, with the advice of Legal Affairs, to cause the implementation of this policy.



This policy shall cover all persons or entities accessing University information and technology resources. 





Authority for Creation or Revision:


Minutes of the Board of Regents:  March 15, 2005, para. .6412M. ;
Minutes of the Board of Regents; November 18, 2008