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Making the Most of Advising


  1. See one advisor regularly. Choose a professor whose classes you have enjoyed or pick a faculty member in your areas of interest. Professors are obligated to do advising. The many qualified part-time lecturers who teach with us are not expected to do advising, but most are capable and willing to spend time with you. 
  2. Don’t just drop in; schedule an appointment. That gives you guaranteed time, and the professor knows to expect you. You can do this by calling the department office at 734.487.3113 or sending an email to the professor you would like to see.
  3. When you show up for the advising appointment, bring along the unofficial transcript that you can print from your my.emich account and any other documents that could be useful (e.g., syllabi from transfer courses, graduation audit). It is also helpful if you have already reviewed the graduation requirements for your major or minor. You also might need the advisor to fill out a substitution form to count courses in parts of your major where they are not listed.

For general education requirements, click here

For requirements in your major or minor, click here

Faculty Advisors for Undergraduates

(click on a name below to find a professor's office hours.)

International Affairs major/minor: Krause, Kullberg, Singh, Soltani, Stahler-Sholk

Political Science major/minor: Bernstein, Henschen, Krause, Kullberg, Lottie, Rosenfeld, Scott, Sidlow, Singh, Soltani

Public Administration major/minor: Lottie, Ohren, Patrick, Petrescu, Plagens, Rosenfeld

Public Law & Government major/minor (and pre-law): Henschen, Pyle

Public Safety Administration major: Ohren

Nonprofit Administration minor: Petrescu

Combined bachelor's/MPA: Bernstein

Honors: Bernstein

Internships: Rosenfeld


General Advising for all Majors/Minors

(Public Safety Administration, please see Dr. Ohren only.)

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stahler-Sholk or Dr. Pyle during the times below, please call Doreen Mendelssohn or Connie VanAtta at 734.487.3113

  • Monday,
  • Tuesday,
  • Wednesday,
  • Wednesday,
  • Thursday,                         

The Department of Political Science is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold, 734.487.4344