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International Business Ethics

The links on this page focus on international business ethics. The list is loosely organized with the sites most closely focused on international business ethics earliest in the list. The short description that follows each link is intended to provide some insight into the international ethics elements of that site. In many instances, the link is not exclusively devoted to that area.

These links were developed by John L. Waltman and Meera Patel with support from the Ernest and Jeanne Merlanti Ethics Initiative at Eastern Michigan University's College of Business. Other sites sponsored by this initiative include International Corporate Social Responsibility, International Bribery and Corruption, and University and Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Global Edge
Site gives user access to information on roughly 190 specific countries. Users can chose from local to global information being circulated within the chosen country.

Washington Post
Provides daily articles and news updates. See also these links to special reports on Corporate Ethics, Enron Probe, Accounting Industry, and the Wall Street Probe.

USCIB - United States Council for International Business
Background on USCIB Global network. What's new in policy advocacy, trade facilitation, calendar of events, e-business connections, and much more.

MSU - CIBER Home Page - A Resource for International Business
Provides access to Michigan State State University's Center for Business Education and Research and its international business resources.

International Business Forum
Provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace for companies wishing to extend their boundaries.

Ethics Officers
Online videoconference on the roles of ethics in business. Features ethics officers from various corporations.

International Code of Ethics for Canadian Business
Contains the international code of ethics for Canadian business.

International Business Ethics Institute
Promotes ethical business practices through public education activities and through assisting corporations in implementing worldwide standards of business conduct.

Business Ethics Resources on the World Wide Web
Site provides links to business ethics resources and business ethics institutions and organizations on the web.

International Ethics Resources on the World Wide Web
Center for Applied Ethics (British Columbia) site on "Ethics in Transnational Business".

Business Ethics
Provides numerous links to general business ethics sites.

FIMES - International Forum on Management, Ethics, and Spirituality
Accesses a research group that studies the integration of ethical and spiritual values in management and leadership.

Character Training International
Provides workplace courses in ethics, personal character development, and humor.

International Association of Business Communicators
Site for IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators details the standards IABC members are held to and how those standards are enforced.

Corporate Ethics and International Business
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NSFD) site provides articles about international business ethics and the responsibilities modern corporations have to society.

International Business Ethics
Article on corporate codes for international business ethics stresses that global companies must ensure their codes of conduct are culturally coherent to all employees.

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