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International Corporate Social Responsibility

The links on this page focus on international applications of corporate social responsibility (CSR). While the overall list is not exhaustive, it encompasses the wide variety of subtopics that come under the CSR heading. The list is loosely organized with the sites that most closely focus on CSR earliest in the list. The short description that follows each link is intended to provide some insight into the international CSR relevance. In many instances, the link is not exclusively devoted to that area. A second, shorter list of company-specific sites follows. These were chosen because they contain an element of international CSR within them.

These links were developed by John L. Waltman and Meera Patel with support from the Ernest and Jeanne Merlanti Ethics Initiative at Eastern Michigan University's College of Business. Other sites sponsored by this initiative include International Business Ethics, International Bribery and Corruption, and University and Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Global Corporate Governance Forum
International views on corporate social responsibility; contains a full-text library of international forum speeches.

ELDIS - Corporate Social Responsibility
ELDIS provides summaries and links to online documents on development issues including Corporate Social Responsibility. ELDIS offers a directory of websites, databases, library catalogues and e-mail discussion lists.

Principles and Codes for Socially Responsible Business Practices
Provides an extensive variety of links related to ethics and corporate social responsibility.

World Corporate Social Responsibility Portal (site is temporarily down)
World Corporate Social Responsibility portal offers one-stop access to the leading business-led organizations on corporate social responsibility in Europe.

Business Impact
Offers a useful database of links related to organizations such as the Global Reporting Initiative, Institute for Global Ethics, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Readers can also subscribe to the Business Impact News e-mail newsletter.

Business for Social Responsibility - BSR
Site focuses on giving businesses hands-on guidance in setting up social programs. This data is also useful to researchers as well, particularly because of best practices examples.

Corporate Social Responsibility Europe Online
Corporate Social Responsibility Europe's mission is to help put Corporate Social Responsibility into the mainstream of business.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Personal website for Mallen Baker, the site covers the news and views of corporate social responsibility. It includes information pertinent to core products or services, or top level business strategies with an international force.

Corporate Social Responsibility in China
Besides general discussions, also provides links to a number of related reports.

CSRwire.com - Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service
Articles and information on programs offered.

Tim's Brain: Corporate Social Responsibility
Set of links related to Corporate Social Responsibility including international links.

Business and Sustainable Development: A Global Guide
International Institute for Sustainable Development site with numerous links to relevant international corporate social responsibility sites. See also http://www.bsdglobal.com/sector_resources.asp for sector specific discussions.

Corporate Responsibility
USCIB (United States Council for International Business) site promoting business interests overseas: "to succeed abroad, they must join together with like-minded firms to influence laws, rules and policies that may undermine U.S. competitiveness, wherever they may be." Site includes information of the European Academy on Corporate Social Responsibility.

MHC - International Limited
Michael Hopkins' commercial site offering publications on international corporate social responsibility.

U.K. Corpoarte Social Responsibility
U.K. Department of Trade and Industry site for promoting corporate social responsibility in the United Kingdom. (Contains links to several case studies).

CEO Attitudes Toward Corporate Social Responsibility
Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey results on CEO attitudes toward corporate social responsibility. Sees globalization activities as giving the international market a higher awareness for Corporate Social Responsibility.

European Business Campaign on Corporate Social Responsibility
This organization has the goal of mobilizing 500,000 business people and partners to integrate corporate social responsibility into their core business by 2005.

IABS Homepage
The International Association for Business and Society is a learned society devoted to research and teaching about the relationships between business, government, and society.

Ethical Corporation Magazine
Ethical Corporation Magazine is a free monthly global business publication dedicated to providing companies around the world with practical advice. Heavy focus on corporate social responsibility with many company-specific articles.

Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor
Commercial site for the Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor, a guidebook for businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Pricewaterhouse Coopers site with access to numerous PWC reports on corporate social responsibility.

DMOZ Open Directory
Directory Project is "the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory on the Web". Site provides numerous corporate social responsibility links.

Ethics in Action Website
Canadian site with numerous links to Canadian corporate social responsibility sources.

Teaching International Business: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Journal of Teaching in International Business (v.11, #1) issue on Teaching International Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (PDF File).

George Washington University Environmental Program
Press release on GWU School of Business environmental management training program.

SOSIG Grapevine Conference
Social Science Information Gateway site with links to workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility, International Workshop on Management, Anthropology, Auditorium, Business Strategy and the Environment.

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Abroad
Department of State site with text of speeches on human rights.

The Journal of Corporate Citizenship
Australian journal publishing on corporate social responsibility themes.

The Corporate Citizenship Company
For-profit consultancy seeking to help companies succeed as commercial entities by being active corporate citizens while meeting the aspirations of their diverse stakeholders and the wider society of which they are a part.

National Workshop on Promoting Corporate Citizenship in India
Workshop deliberations include Enhancing Business Community Relations, Promoting Corporate Volunteering, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Australian Corporate Social Responsibility
Australian report on short forum on social performance. This site deals with the global social investment group addressing issues of social performance and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe Tutorial
Tutorial webpage for preparing A-level Business Exams in U.K. Has links to related sites.

Company Sites

ChevronTexaco - Corporate Social Responsibility
ChevronTexaco's corporate social responsibility site. Contains international links as well.

ExxonMobil Shareholder Resolution
Amnesty International site with press release on ExxonMobil Shareholder Resolution seeking corporate human rights policy.

IBM Corporate Community Relations
IBM site discussing corporate social responsibility activities.

Johnson & Johnson: Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
Johnson & Johnson corporate social responsibility website. This site gives information about Johnson & Johnson's stance on corporate social responsibility locally and internationally. http://www.jnj.com/community/environment/policies/index.htm for information on environmental policies.

McDonald's Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
McDonald's corporate social responsibility site. Provides link to company corporate social responsibility statement.

Mitsubishi International Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
Philanthropy statement. See also http://www.micusa.com/ for other links.

Talisman Energy Corporate Social Responsibility Site
Talisman Energy's corporate social responsibility report.

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