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University and Business Ethics Centers

The links on the following pages focus on university and other business ethics and corporate social responsibility websites. They are divided into 7 areas: University Centers, Corporate Codes of Ethics, NGO's and Non-Profits, Ethical Behaviors, Research Tools, Functional Area Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility sites.

These links were developed by John L. Waltman and Meera Patel with support from the Ernest and Jeanne Merlanti Ethics Initiative at Eastern Michigan University's College of Business. Other sites sponsored by this initiative include International Business Ethics, International Corporate Social Responsibility, and International Bribery and Corruption.

NGO's and Non-Profits

Non-Profit Ethics
Resource for non-profit organizations. Includes a list of organizations, articles, books, and non-profits in the news.

Ethics in the Not-for-Profit World
List of books related to ethics in non-profit management.

Co-op America
News about boycotts with links to the websites of the corporations involved. Also includes information on organizing a boycott.

Novartis Foundation
Organization that helps developing countries through programs and contributions to development policy discussions. Includes articles on business ethics and globalization.

Christian Science Monitor
Site for church published newspaper that includes an article on Enron and corporate ethics.

Institute on Global Ethics
An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and discussion of global ethics. Includes publications, trainings, and press releases.

Non-profit organization counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. Site includes campaigns, research tools, issue library, bulletin board, and news articles.

As You Sow
Organization promoting corporate accountability, holding corporations accountable for complying with consumer, workplace, and environmental laws. Site includes statement and description of corporate social responsibility, current initiatives and resources to other information on corporate social responsibility.

Center for Ethics and Toxics
Site for a non-profit environmental group, a project of the Tides Center, that focuses on toxicity from chemical exposures as it relates to agriculture and genetics. Site includes information about toxics, ethics, agricultural and human biotechnology.

Morality in Media
Site for an Interfaith organization established in 1962 to combat obscenity and uphold decency standards in the media. It maintains the National Obscenity Law Center.

Abelard le Pallet
Site named for and describing the teaching of a man living in outer Mongolia in the year 1079. Site contains a page describing the logic of ethics.

The Center for Christian Social Holiness
Site includes information about the Center for Christian Social Holiness, which advocates practicing and reflecting upon Christian Social ethics, as well as links to other Christian social organizations.

International Labor Rights Fund
An advocacy organization dedicated to just and humane treatment for workers worldwide. Site includes news articles and press releases, publications, and related links.

Adbusters Media Foundation
This activist organization puts out a magazine through which ethics articles can be accessed.

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