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University and Business Ethics Centers

The links on the following pages focus on university and other business ethics and corporate social responsibility websites. They are divided into 7 areas: University Centers, Corporate Codes of Ethics, NGO's and Non-Profits, Ethical Behaviors, Research Tools, Functional Area Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility sites.

These links were developed by John L. Waltman and Meera Patel with support from the Ernest and Jeanne Merlanti Ethics Initiative at Eastern Michigan University's College of Business. Other sites sponsored by this initiative include International Business Ethics, International Corporate Social Responsibility, and International Bribery and Corruption.

University Ethics Centers

Cornell University
Cornell University site for the University Computer Policy and Law site which describes information technologies ethics.

Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy
Site provides likes to codes of conduct, sustainability reporting, and social investing. An ethics newsletter can also be accessed through this page.

Columbia Law School
Site for Columbia's Non-Profit Organizations Clinic. Students work for non-profits to guide them in corporate and tax matters.

Saint Louis University
Site lists Saint Louis University's centers and institutes. Links to health care and business ethics institutes are included.

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Georgia Tech site includes links to organizational compliance sites and a link and description of the Ethics Officer Association site.

Ethics Resource Center
Site features press releases, resources, products, and publications related to business ethics.

Colorado State University
E-center for Business Ethics through Colorado State University. Includes case studies, ethics books, and links.

Beyond Grey Pinstripes
Site for the MBA program through the World Resources Institute and the Aspen Institute for Social Innovation Through Business. Program focuses on environmental and social impact management.

DePaul University
Site for DePaul University's Institute for Business and Professional Ethics through the College of Commerce. Includes news and events, programs and services, and resources.

The Jewish Ethicist
Site provides advice on business and work dilemmas. Includes ethics library and resource center, description of business ethics, and links to a web magazine.

Centre for Applied Ethics
List of links to business ethics institutions and consultants in Canada and the United States.

Harvard University
Site for Harvard University's Center for Ethics and the Professions. Includes the mission, activities, courses, publications, and a newsletter.

Duke University
Site for Duke University's Kenan Institute for Ethics. Site includes programs and activities, conferences and workshops, resources, and a wide variety of ethics links.

University of Tennessee at Martin
Site is a University of Tennessee link to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. This page defines ethics, metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics.

Loyola Marymount University
Site for Loyola Marymount University's Center for Ethics and Business. Includes streaming video, cases, discussions, links, and a toolbox.

Corporate Governance
Site provides news, internet links, and a small reference library. It focuses on increasing accountability and serves as a discussion forum and network for shareholders and stakeholders.

Babson College
Description of Babson College ethics program. Includes essays and case studies.

American National Business Hall of Fame
A non-profit organization, established in 1972, that honors exemplary business leaders who set high ethical standards and educates students and business groups. Includes education and research programs, and an academic journal.

Ethics Officer Association
Site for a professional association for managers of ethics, compliance, and business conduct programs. Includes resources, directories, a forum, and a joblink.

Santa Clara University
Site of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. The Ethics Connection offers articles, cases, briefings, and dialogue in all fields of applied ethics.

University of San Diego
University of San Diego site for ethics instructors and students. Provides information on ethical theory and applied ethics through articles, discussions, case students, and video clips.

International Business Ethics Institute
Non-profit offers services to corporations to promote business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Site includes resources, publications, and links.

Net Impact
A community of business school students and alumni whose mission is to use the power of business to create a better world. Site includes resources, job postings, and a list of educational, leadership, and professional programs.

Indiana University
Site for Indiana University's Poynter Center, and endowed ethics research center. Links to projects include the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and the Indiana Task Force on End of Life Care. Included are publications and links to other ethics resources.

University of Saint Thomas
Site for the University of Saint Thomas' Center for Business Ethics. Includes a listing of conferences and professional courses, an online journal of ethics, and ethics resources.

University of British Columbia
Center for applied ethics page includes code of ethics, publications, and a link to a list of applied ethics resources on the web.

Jewish Law
Page on the Jewish Law site that contains an article on Jewish Business Ethics.

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