Receiving of Services Rendered (by Departments)

  • Services are rendered and acceptance of deliverable (s) is obtained by appropriate department personnel.
  • Email is sent by department to with the following information:
    • Subject line should contain PO# and Vendor Name
    • Text should contain the # of items received and brief product description. If purchase order # is more than one line, please give brief description of each line # and quantity associated with each.
  • Receiving department will pull up PO# within Banner’s Receiving Goods Form.
  • Quantities are verified against PO# quantities (per line, if applicable) and are entered in the Receiving Goods Form.
  • Receiving Department will send email to the department completed with a document id # confirming the receiving of goods with Banner.
  • Department will sign off on invoice with the following:
    • Sign and date
    • Write "OK to Pay" written on the invoice
    • Write Document ID# on the invoice
  • Forward the invoice to Accounts Payable department for processing.

Receiving of Services Rendered (By Department-Invoices Received/ Posted by Accounts Payable)

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