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Get Fit Challenge Closing Ceremony - Friday, March 11th @2:30pm

Get Fit Challenge 2014

Week 1

Week 1 Winners:

  • Student Team:  The Competition
  • Student Individual:  Anthony Plunkett
  • Faculty/Staff Team:  Porter Powerhouse
  • Faculty/Staff Individual:  Rich Nemith


  • Intro to Fitness

ACSM Information

Fitness Workshop

  • Legs, Your Foundation

Food Log Tutorial

Week 1 Point Sheets  

Week 2

Week 2 Winners

  • Student Team:  The Competition
  • Student Individual:  Stephen Welsh
  • Faculty/Staff Team:  emupd1
  • Faculty/Staff Individual:  Sherie Tripp


  • Nutrients: The Basics

Fitness Workshop

  • Back: Axial Stability

Week 2 Point Sheets

Week 3

Week 3 Winners

  • Student Team: The Competition
    Student Individual: Heather Lawrence
    Faculty/Staff Team: DoIT Does IT
    Faculty/Staff Individual: Josh Morast


  • Fitness for Health

Fitness Workshop

  • Trunk and Abdominals

Office of Nutrition Services Cooking Demo and Discussion

Week 3 Point Sheets

Week 4

Week 4 Winners

  • Student Team:  The Competition
  • Student Individual:  Anthony Plunkett
  • Faculty/Staff Team:  Do It Does IT
  • Faculty/Staff Individual:  Josh Morast

Week 4 Point Sheets

Winter Recess Bonus Workouts Point Sheet

Week 5

Week 5 Winners

  • Student Team:  The Competition
  • Student Individual:  Anthony Plunkett
  • Staff Team: Porter Powerhouse
  • Staff Individual:  Rich Nemith

Week 5 Point Sheets

Week 6

Week 6 Winners

  • Student Team: The Competition
  • Student Individual: Anthony Plunkett
  • Staff Team: emupd1
  • Staff Individual: David Feeley

Week 6 Point Sheets

Week 7

Week 7 Point Sheets

Week 8

Week 8 Point Sheets

The point sheet is how you will track points. The point sheet will contain a list of all events you can attend for points that week. 

For more events, visit the Get Fit Challenge Calendar

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Fit!

The Get Fit Challenge is an annual fitness initiative where students, faculty and staff can participate in various fitness, nutrition and wellness activities.  By participating, you will be able to compete for points and weekly prizes, but most importantly, GET FIT!!  All levels of physical fitness are welcome, and points are given based on effort and participation. Points are received for obtaining stamps for engaging in various activities, including:

  • Fitness and Nutrition Seminars
  • Workouts
  • Workshops and tutorials
  • Fitness and wellness events
  • Biometric analysis
  • Logging progress with nutrition and fitness
  • and much more!

In 2014, the Get Fit Challenge will be bigger than ever! This year, the Rec/IM has greatly expanded the program by partnering with student organizations and departments within the university such as:

  • Office of Nutrition Services (ONS)
  • EagleFIT
  • ResLife
  • Human Resources

Additionally, in an effort to reward participants for all of their hard work, the Rec/IM has partnered with many local businesses such as:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • The Tower Inn
  • Vis-à-Vis Health Spa
  • Trader Joe's
  • and many more!


For more information, including competition rules, format, and cost, download the 2014 Get Fit Challenge Fact Sheet.


Registration is now closed.  Email EMU_Fitness@emich.edu if you missed signing up and would still like to join the Get Fit Challenge.  Teams will be finalized over the weekend.  


If you have questions regarding the program, please contact:

Jeff Phillips
Graduate Assistant - Fitness Program Coordinator

For promotional materials, donation or sponsorship inquiries, please contact:

Rick Carlisle
Marketing Coordinator - Recreation/Intramural Sports


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